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Hi, I’m Nick

This Was My Time As A SendGrid Developer Evangelist

October 31st, 2014 was my final day as a SendGrid Developer Evangelist. I was an evangelist for 489 days. It was one of the most incredible journeys of my life. Join me on this look back.

Miles Traveled: 126,000

Segments Flown: 88

(Across 35 Trips)

38 Airports
242 Days On The Road
Emails Received
Emails Sent
1,579 Commits

30 Promo Tees Collected

Over the course of my employment at SendGrid I collected far too many tees. I need your help cleaning out my closet. Hit the button below and I'll send you a random Men's Medium shirt! (I'll need you to pay for shipping though.)

What I Learned

In my year-and-a-halfish at SendGrid, I learned more than I had ever learned before. I traveled the country and the world. I met friends and found mentors. Coworkers became friends. Friends became family. I worked on the best evangelist team in the world at an amazing company. It was spectacular.

What's Next

I'm going on to be the Commissioner of Major League Hacking.

"Major League Hacking’s mission is to spread the hacker ethos to every student on the planet; to cultivate communities where aspiring hackers have the opportunity to learn, build, and share their creations with the world."

Read more about MLH and what I'll be doing on the MLH blog.

Major League Hacking

Keep In Touch

If we've met (or we haven't, yet) and you want to keep track of me, you can find me throughout the web.